Public Service

Community-Based Research

Periodically, the Social Work Department here at Concord sponsors students in the program to participate in Community-Based Research. As part of their education, Social Work students work with an agency in the area to research such topics as Oxycontin abuse, foster care programs, head start programs and client satisfaction of the local services. Social Work students receive course credit as part of their research, and make valuable contacts in the Social Work world, as well as valuable contribution to the communities and people of Southern West Virginia.

Public Service Scholars

On July 1, 1992, the Social Work Education Consortium entered into a contractual arrangement with the Office of Social Services, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (Department). Specific emphasis was given to problems facing citizens of West Virginia who are served by the DHHR. the Kids Count 2000 data documents show that although the status of West Virginia children has continued to improve in certain areas, we have fallen in others. It is evident that there is a continuing need to improve the social services we provide to the children and families of our state.

Enhancing the provision of services for children and families needing the services of the DHHR continues to compel the citizens of our State to work with the federal government. This project is focused on improving services provided through the public social service sector. The effort we have undertaken along with the DHHR commitment to the employment of professionally trained social workers has resulted in a better-trained staff within the DHHR. Our children and families are therefore the receipts of improved services.