Concord Social Work Organization

The Concord University Social Work Organization was formed in 1975 and has been officially recognized as a campus organization since 1976. The primary purpose of the organization is to give the students an opportunity to organize on their behalf.

Students participate on a curriculum committee which acts in an advisory capacity in the Social Work Department. They also participate in service projects, fund raisers, attend conferences together, and play a role in governance of the campus community by attending meetings of the Student Government Organization.


Dr. Joan Pendergast jpendergast@concord.edu
Casey Yates yatesc09@mycu.concord.edu
Latasha Holstein holsteinl14@mycu.concord.edu
Tavia Elder eldert27@mycu.concord.edu



Meets on every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in Admin. 237

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