Bachelor of Social Work Program


Interested in advancing your career with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Concord University?

The social work program offers a specialized degree that prepares its graduates for immediate entry into professional social work positions or graduate school.

Social work is the profession that focuses on issues of social and economic justice, equality, and strengthening individuals, families, and communities.  You will develop the knowledge and learn the skills to work in a variety of social work settings.



The degree of Bachelor of Social Work requires the successful completion of 120 semester hours, including: (1) the Program of General Studies, which includes the liberal arts content; (2) the social work program, and (3) a program of electives worked out with the student's advisor.  Students are formally accepted as Social Work Majors after having been admitted by the Social Work Admissions and Retention Committee.  Detailed admissions requirements are listed in the Social Work Student Handbook, which is available upon request from the Social Work Department.


What can Concord University's social work program do for me?

Graduates of the Social Work program at Concord University are well-prepared to enter the field upon graduation.  In fact:

- All graduates seeking employment or choosing to attend graduate school are either employed in the field or accepted to graduate school.

- Public Service Scholarships are available, and upon graduation provide direct access to jobs with the state-wide Department of  Health and Human Resources.

- Students may be eligible for assistantships to work with faculty on research projects.


Application for Admissions

Social Work Handbook

Public IV-E Application

Social Work Progression Sheet

Prerequisite Exception Request Form

Sample Curriculum - Concord Campus

Sample Curriculum - Beckley Campus

Concord Social Work Organization By-Laws

Concord Research Corporation Research Inquiry