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Program Of Study

Recreation and Tourism Management


The program in Recreation and Tourism Management is designed for students seeking professional careers in tourism, recreation, hospitality and leisure fields.  The degree offers three areas of emphasis from which students may choose:  park and recreation management, tourism planning and promotion, and hospitality management. 

The Parks and Recreation Management option provides a theoretical base and practical experience for students who wish to work for state, national or local parks, golf or ski resorts, adventure travel companies, camps or other organization that provide recreation services.

The Tourism Planning and Promotion option focuses on the planning and marketing of tourism and recreation experiences.  Students who pursue this option will work for convention & visitors bureaus or other destination marketing agencies. They may also work in the marketing departments of resorts and hotels or plan conferences and special events.


The Hospitality Management option focuses on careers in the management of hotels, resorts or other lodging facilities.


All students in the Recreation and Tourism Management must complete a 12credit hour internship during their senior year.  This allows the student to learn by putting classroom knowledge into practice and to develop practical experience in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Tourism Management

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Tourism Management requires successful completion of 128 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies, including the following required courses: MATH 105 and ECON 201 or 202; (2) the  Recreation and Tourism Management Core classes (see below); (3) at least one RTM area of emphasis; and (4) an internship experience.  Two foreign language courses are strongly recommended.

Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Tourism Management Progression Sheet

Recreation and Tourism Management Core--  33 hours

RTM 100, 222, 224, 226, 240, 311,  456, 460 (for 12 semester hours of credit).


Areas of Emphasis

Park & Recreation Management  (33 hours):

RTM 328, 331,;  Each student will select two courses from the following block:  MGT 305, 307, 314;  MKT 305, 440;  POSC 204.  Students will also select  four courses from the following block: RTM 325, 345, 346, 347, 360*; GEOG 250, 300, 311, 411; BIOL 201;  POSC 230; NSC 300C. Each student will earn 9 credit hours from the following: SED 204, 205; PED 101A-J*, 118, 229; APST 3302, 4601*; GEOL 1011;  RTM 2101*, 3101*,4101*.

* indicates course may be repeated with permission of advisor.

Tourism Planning & Promotion-- 33 hours:

RTM, 325, 340,355  415, MKT 305, 440.  All students in tourism planning & promotion will also select two  courses from the following:  RTM 345, 346, 347, one of the following: MGT 314 or POSC 204, two of the following:  SOC 310;   POSC, 230, 303;  RTM  360.

Hospitality Management-- 33 Hours:

RTM 309, 315, 328, 356, 415; ACCT 207; MGT 305, 308; .  Each student will select  two of the following courses:  FIN 311, 315, 322,  MKT 305,320, 440, MGT 314, 430,  RTM  355, 358, 360.

Minor in  Recreation and Tourism Management-- 21 hours:

RTM 100; eighteen hours of  Recreation and Tourism Management electives.

Minor in Ski Area Management-- 21 hours:

RTM 348, 358, and 15 hours from the following; RTM 355, 358*, 360, 460, ACCT 207, MKT 305, to be selected in consultation with program faculty.  

* indicates may be retaken for credit with permission of instructor.

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