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Tourism is now the largest industry in the world, with one out of ten people worldwide working in some part of the vast tourism field. The amount of leisure time available to people around the world is increasing and so will the demand for leisure programs and services. To effectively and efficiently deliver these high-demand services, we must have well-trained and highly qualified recreation and tourism graduates.


The Recreation and Tourism Management Program at Concord University prepares students for professional careers in this dynamic and expanding field. Our curriculum focuses on program planning, public relations, marketing, budgeting and management of Recreation and Tourism services. This is "Learn by Doing" field and most classes blend traditional class work with opportunities for real-world experience in a variety of settings.


People with jobs in the field of Parks and Recreation operate recreation facilities such as ski resorts, state or national parks, golf courses, marinas, amusement parks, fitness centers, rafting companies, guided tour companies, adventure travel outfitters, camps, aquatics facilities, college recreation programs and many more.....


People with jobs in Tourism Planning and Promotion may work in local or state convention and visitor's bureaus, conduct marketing research for public and private agencies in the tourism field, conduct sales and marketing campaigns for resorts, hotels and tourism businesses, plan and host conferences and conventions or work with communities to plan new recreation and tourism facilities.


People with jobs in the field of Hospitality Management may work as food & beverage managers at restaurants, hotels or resorts, manage hotels or resort lodging facilities, own bed & breakfast inns, supervise hotel staff or guest service desks.




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