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Major and Minor Requirements

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Degrees Offered:
The Bachelor of Arts - The degree of Bachelor of Arts, with a major in psychology, requires successful completion of 128 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies; (2) three hours of Spanish or Sign Language; (3) the psychology program listed below; and (4) a program of electives or a minor as worked out with the student’s advisor.

Television Courses: The Department of Psychology, in general, will not grant credit hours for the major or minor by educational television programming. Exceptions may be made with departmental consent.

Information for Majors - Major in Psychology - 44 hours

Required Courses:

Psy101: General Psychology
Psy 2002: Professional Issues
Psy 210: Behavior Analysis
Psy 215: Experimental Psychology
Psy 310: Introduction to Learning (w/ Lab)
Psy 322: Personality
Psy 370: Physiological Psychology
Psy 412: Cognitive Psychology
Psy 431: History and Systems
Biol 102: General Biology II
Math 105: Elementary Statistics
12 hours of psychology electives (see below)
Electives: Psychology majors may select only 3 hours of electives from Group I and must select at least 3 hours of electives from Group III.
Group I: (only 3 hours count toward the major)
Psy 203: Human Sexuality
Psy 205: Child and Adolescent Development
Psy 228: Drug Use and Abuse
Psy 229: Health Psychology
Group II:
Psy 270: Psychology Research (1 Cr.Hour)
Psy 330: Evolutionary Psychology
Psy 340: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Psy 350: Special Topics
Psy 365: Sensation and Perception
Psy 402: Animal Behavior
Psy 407: Introduction to Counseling Techniques
Psy 422: Abnormal Psychology
Psy 430: Behavior Disorders of Childhood
Psy 450: Seminar in Contemporary Psychology
Psy 470-1: Independent Study
Psy 480-1: Honors Courses
Group III: (must take at least 3 hours)
Psy 415: Advanced Experimental Psychology
Psy 420: Introduction to Psychological Testing
Psy 455: Psychology Practicum
Information for Minors - Minor in Psychology - 15 hours
Psy 101: General Psychology
Psy 200: Basic Learning
9 hours of psychology electives (see above).
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