Requirements for a Minor in Geology

The geology curriculum at Concord is centered on practical, field-based outdoor laboratory exercises and completion of this minor will be a great asset to students interested in environmentally- or field-oriented careers. Those likely to gain the greatest benefit from a geology minor include: (1) Geography majors with physical geography, cartography, or GIS career interests; (2) Biology majors with interest in field biology and ecosystems; (3) Chemistry majors with interests in geochemistry/environmental chemistry; or (4) Other majors such as english/journalism with interest in science writing, business with interests in natural resources, pre-law with emphasis on environmental and natural resources issues, and other majors interested in geology just for fun.

Completion of a Minor in Geology at Concord requires a minimum of 18 hours of course work in Geology. Specific course requirements include:

Geol 101 - Earth Processes, Resources, and the Environment
Geol 202 - Evolution of Earth Systems
10 hours of geology electives

Geol 370 (Earth Materials and Minerals) or Geol 380 (Sedimentary Geology) is recommended as an elective. Geog 340 may be substituted for four hours of electives.

This page updated 4/11, 2007