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$500 Deposit is due by April 1, 2011, payable to CU Research & Development Corp. (unless other arrangements have been made)

General Information:

Concord University offers a traditional geology field camp during the summer of odd-numbered years. The course is offered for 6 semester hours and includes approximately 5 1/2 weeks of field work from May 16 to June 23, 2011. The course is centered on learning skills used to interpret geology in the field and focuses on geologic mapping. Projects include mapping and interpretation of: (1) metamorphosed volcanic arc terrane rocks in the North Carolina piedmont, (2) faulted and folded Paleozoic strata in the Appalachian thrust belt (WV-VA), (3) Precambrian high-grade metamorphic rocks and fault rocks in the Sawatch Range, central Colorado, (4) Eocene volcanic rocks in central Colorado, (5) Precambrian and Paleozoic rocks at Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, and (6) Mesozoic strata on the Colorado Plateau at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Utah. The course also includes application of selected geophysical instrumentation for geologic and environmental studies. Regional field trips to several national parks and monuments are scheduled between field exercises to examine the geological evolution of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau. Prerequisites: 12 hours in geology, including one year of introductory geology (Geol 101 and Geol 202) and an additional upper-level lab course in geology (Geol 370 - Mineralogy). Enrollment by students outside of Concord University is welcome, if space is available - apply early [ONE SLOT LEFT?]. Preference will be given for applications prior to mid-March. For additional information, contact:

Dr. J.L. Allen
[send email to: allenj (type at symbol) concord.edu]
Department of Geology and Physical Sciences
Concord University
Athens, WV 24712

COST: The total cost for the trip will be $900 (tentative travel fee) plus tuition for Concord students. The travel fee will include lodging, meals, and transportation. The cost for non-Concord students will be approximately $1500 plus tuition and institutional fees (~$1242/$2760 in-state/out-of-state).

Some externally funded scholarships are available for qualified students. Additional federal financial aid for the trip may be available during the Fall semester if you qualify. Ask the instructor or the financial aid office for more details.

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