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Dr. J.L. Allen
Chair, Division of Natural Sciences
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The Department of Physical Sciences offers 4-year degree programs in chemistry and geology/environmental geosciences , as well as additional coursework in physics, astronomy, and general physical science. Minors are available in chemistry, geology, and physics. Bachelor of Science degrees in Science Education are available in General Science (5-12), General Science (5-8), and Chemistry (9-12).

The mission of the Department is to provide course work and degree programs that enable the student to understand the fundamental principles of disciplines in the physical sciences, to develop an attitude of scientific objectivity and inquiry, and to acquire basic laboratory and/or field techniques and skills. The Department operates the Concord University observatory for optical astronomy, maintains numerous laboratories for teaching and research, and provides an opportunity to study geology in the field using the ideal setting of southern West Virginia and research-grade geophysical instrumentation.


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Geol 404 Field Geology in the Rockies: Next trip summer 2007
Check for updates on our summer field camp in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Open to students who have completed 12 hours in geology, including Geol 202.
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