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Data Quality

To maintain high data quality, instrument performance is routinely monitored using one or more secondary standards.

We also regularly participate in interlaboratory exercises. This includes G-probe (most recently G-probe 8 in November 2011) and the recent INTAV intercomparison of tephrochronology laboratories (Kuehn et al., 2011 - see lab 28).
These provide a source of external quality control.

Sample WDS analyses:

Sample data

G-probe website

Kuehn, S.C., Froese, D.G., and Shane, P.A.R., 2011, The INTAV intercomparison of electron-beam microanalysis of glass by tephrochronology laboratories, results and recommendations: Quaternary International. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2011.08.022 Article online

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