General Studies

General Studies Requirements

1. The first course(s) in English for entering freshmen will be ENGL 090, Fundamentals of Composition and Grammar (3); ENGL 101, Composition and Rhetoric (3); or ENGL 102, Composition and Rhetoric (3). Initial placement in ENGL 090, 101, or 102 is determined by the student’s score on the English section of the Enhanced ACT, SAT, or ASSET test or, in some instances, by writing samples.* The following score ranges on the Enhanced ACT serve as a guide for determining comparable ranges on other tests. Contact the Office of Admissions for further information.

  • a. A student who scores below 18 or who has no scores at the time of enrollment will be placed in English 090.
  • b. A student who scores between 18 and 24 will be eligible for initial placement in English 101. However, if a writing sample indicates a need for more basic instruction, the student will be transferred to English 090.
  • c. A student who scores above 24 will be eligible for placement in English 102 if, in the judgment of at least two English faculty members, the student’s writing demonstrates adequate mastery of the skills taught in English 101.

*In special circumstances, students whose writing ability appears to be inappropriate for the type of freshman-level course in which they are enrolled may be transferred to a different course within two weeks after classes begin should two of three faculty members concur with the instructor of the course.

Note: A minimum grade of C is required in ENGL 090, 101, and 102. These courses must be taken in the entering semester and continued each semester until satisfactorily completed.

Literature (6 hours)
Non-English majors will complete ENGL 203, World Literature I (3) and ENGL 204, World Literature II (3); or they may substitute three Special Topics Mini-courses (1, 1, 1) for either ENGL 203 or ENGL 204 (not both), as indicated below:

  • Two or more courses with identical course titles cannot be used for substitution purposes.
  • ENGL 203A courses may be used toward substitution for ENGL 203.
  • ENGL 204A courses may be used toward substitution for ENGL 204.
  • ENGL 207A courses may be used toward substitution for either ENGL 203 or 204.

NOTE: Both ENGL 203 and 204 are required for B.A. English and B.S. Education, English/Language Arts majors.


Foreign Languages

Courses in foreign language fulfill General Studies requirements, meet the needs of students who have personal interest in or professional need for an acquaintance with a specific language, and help students attain a very basic reading and speaking knowledge of the language for those academic fields requiring a foreign language.


Foreign Languages (6 hours)

Students may use six hours of one foreign language in place of any two courses in the General Studies Program, except that there are no substitutes for English 101-102 or the General Studies mathematics requirement. The foreign language can be used to substitute for no more than one General Studies offering in each Division offering

General Studies courses.

  • Students with no high school credit in the language being taken may substitute 101 and 102 credit in that language for two courses in General Studies. Both 101 and 102 must be passed before General Studies credit can be given.
  • Students with one year of high school credit in the language being taken may take 101 in that language for credit but may not substitute 101 for a General Studies course. They may take any courses above 101 for credit and substitution for up to two courses in General Studies.
  • Students with two or more years of high school credit in the language being taken may take 101 or 102 of that language for credit but may not substitute for General Studies courses. They may take 201 and/or 202 for credit and may substitute for one or two General Studies courses.

Classes in French, German, and Spanish are available.


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