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Courses in political science are designed to arouse in students a greater awareness and understanding of political institutions, processes, relationships, and their underlying principles. One goal of these courses is to generate the requisite interest and skilled civic participation that are so crucial to the maintenance of a just, responsible and democratic society. In addition, the program is designed to prepare students for graduate study and law school.

The Bachelor of Arts

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree may earn a major or a minor in political science. The student must earn a grade average of better than 2.00 in all courses taken for the major or minor.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts, with a major in political science, requires successful completion of 128 semester hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies which must include six hours of one foreign language; (2) the political science program listed below; and (3) a program of electives OR a minor as worked out with the student's advisor.

Major in Political Science--33 hours

POSC 101, 104, 450, 472; POSC 303 or 304; three hours from either POSC 340, 405, 406; twelve hours of political science electives; and MATH 105.

Minor in Political Science--15 hours

POSC 101; 12 hours of political science electives.

Political Science Courses

Sally H. Campbell, Ph.D.

James A. White, Ph.D.


Political Science Links
Professional organizations, political parties, branches of government

Travel and Study in England
Check for updates on our summer travel study course in England. All students are eligible for this course.

Students Organized for the Understanding of Politics

Student Research Projects

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