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Michael C. Jewell

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           Hello, my name is Michael C. Jewell and I am going to graduate from Concord University on May 8th, 2010. My major area of study is Business Administration with emphasis in both Management and Administrative Systems. I also have taken numerous general studies courses that have completed the well-rounded education practices of a liberal arts based university such as Concord.

           Along with the education I have received from my business courses and accompanying general studies curriculum, I have gained some managerial experience in the workplace. While in high school and presently during the summers I work at a garden and plant nursery called the Garden Patch. On the job I grow plants and ensure they are healthy, but most importantly I learn many customer service and management based decision techniques. These techniques have been further emphasized by my university curriculum at Concord.


Concord University at night.

          Concord University's administration building, library, and main lawn at night.
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