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    My teaching interests lie in issues of human cognition from both developmental and biopsychological perspectives. At
    Emory University, I taught Brain and Language as well as Language Acquisition. At Concord University, I have taught
    General Psychology, Brain and Language, and Physiological Psychology.

    Current Courses:

Spring 2010:

    Psychology 101: General Psychology
    Psychology 412: Cognitive Psychology
    Psychology 205: Child and Adolescent Development

    Fall 2009:

    Psychology 101: General Psychology
    Psychology 350: Special Topics in Brain and Language
    Psychology 370: Physiological Psychology

   Other Courses:

    Spring 2009:
    Psych/Ling 316: Seminar in Language Acquisition (Emory University)

    Spring 2008:
    Psych/Ling 309: Brain and Language