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Penguin movie craze overtakes Concord Film Society
By Amanda Lee, Staff Writer
Date: April 18th, 2007

Over the past few years penguin mania has been sweeping the nation. Alright, so they haven't reached the "Beanie Baby" mania but it's sure close. From Happy Feet to those crazed penguins in Madagascar, the nation has had their share of penguin love. And March of the Penguins is the film that began it all.
March of the Penguins is a powerful documentary about the harsh journey of the Emperor penguin. For millions of years these animals have trekked hundreds of miles, single file mind you, through the rough Artic terrain to make it to their ancestral breeding ground. This journey could take up to twenty days, and in this time, the penguins will face cruel blizzards, predators and starvation, all to begin a family.

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Governor's internship offers ideal experience for college students
By Joe Manchin, West Virginia State Governor
Date: April 18th, 2007

With summer nearing, many students are starting to finalize their plans for summer employment. I encourage college students to apply for the Governor's Internship Program and learn from some of West Virginia's top employers this summer.
This internship opportunity offers high-achieving college students the chance to step beyond the classroom into the world of experiential learning. This program greatly benefits our state's college students as well as employers of private, non-profit and governmental organizations within West Virginia.

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Sigma Sigma Sigma NPC sorority celebrates 109th anniversary
By LeAnne Davis, Editor-in-Chief
Date: April 18th, 2007

Members of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, a National Panhellenic Conference Sorority at Concord University in Athens, W.Va. will hold a luncheon in the Stateroom to celebrate the sorority's 109th anniversary. The event will be held April 22 at 3 p.m., with a formal luncheon followed by the annual Founder's Day Program entitled "Tri Sigma: Leaving a Legacy."

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