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    The coursework you complete during college will be the foundation on which you will build your future. However, you need to consider the 'total' person that you will present at job or graduate school interviews. The experiences you have beyond the classroom will help to create the 'total' you. Initiative and planning on your part will help to turn those experiences into marketable assets which compliment your course of study.

    You will need to prepare yourself for the question, "Why you?" After all that is what you'll be asked by potential employers and/or graduate school admissions personnel.

    Concord offers abundant opportunities for you to experience beyond the classroom. Taking advantage of these opportunities will make a difference when you you are sitting in an interview and are asked, "Why you?"

    Stop by for assistance in planning your future. Not certain what may be a rewarding choice for you ? Not sure about writing a winning resume? The office promotes effective career planning, provides career counseling, and facilitates information exchange between CU students, alumni, and prospective employers. The Office of Career Services offers assistance in the following:

    Career Interest/Skill Assessment

    Writing Resumes

    Preparing for the Job Interview

    Job Search Strategies

    Appropriate Interview Attire

    Business Etiquette


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