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    Planning Guide for the Application Process

    Six Months Prior to Applying

    • Research areas of interest, institutions, and programs
    • Talk to advisors about application requirements
    • Prepare and register for appropriate admissions tests
    • Research national scholarships
    • If appropriate, obtain letters of recommendation
    • Talk with institutions about financial aid, graduate assistantship, fellowship.


    Three Months Prior to Applying

    • Secure application materials
    • Take required admissions tests
    • Write your application essay
    • Become knowledgeable on application deadlines and rolling admissions policies
    • If required, register for the national application or data assembly service


    Fall, a Year Before Graduating

    • Obtain letters of recommendation
    • Take graduate admission tests if you have not already taken them
    • Send in completed applications


    Spring, Graduating Semester

    • Complete the FAFSA and Financial Aid Profile, if required
    • Check with institutions prior to their deadline to make sure your file is complete
    • Visit institutions that accept you
    • Send a deposit to your institution of choice
    • Notify other schools that accepted you of your decision
    • Send thank you notes to people that wrote you recommendation letters




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