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    As you consider this question, the answer becomes fairly obvious once you have answered several underlying questions. Why go to graduate school? What does graduate school involve? How do I apply? When should I get started and what else do I need to know?

    Why go to graduate school?

    Graduate and professional school training is fast becoming an entry-level requirement for many of the more desirable professional positions. With the present rates of technological advancement, only a highly prepared worker is able to adapt and develop. A graduate degree allows for tremendous flexibility and increased opportunities in anyone's professional career path.


    What does graduate school involve?

    Graduate and professional school is not a process that can be taken lightly, and like everything that is worth having, it will require a great deal of work. Graduate school typically refers to programs that involve a master's degree and/or doctorate. Professional school represents professions like lawyers and medical doctors. Unlike undergraduate programs, your graduate course work will take place nearly exclusively in your major are of study. Doctoral programs can require anywhere from two to four years of course work, comprehensive exams, and a dissertation.


    How Do I apply?

    There are many details in the graduation process, and you can find more about them right here by clicking the header, or from your school faculty.


    When should I get started and what else do I need to know?

    Graduate schools can be personally rewarding, yet very demanding. Think through your motivation for pursuing advanced study and talk with your adviser early about the application process. Read all application materials carefully in order to meet all requirements and deadlines. If you plan well, success in graduate school should follow.



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