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    Is graduate or professional school in your future? Attending graduate school right after graduation may be an option you are considering. If so, careful reflection on your reasons for continuing your education is necessary to ensure a sound decision.

    If you have a clear sense of what career you want to pursue, and if an advanced degree is required for entry into that field, then graduate school is for you. Law, medicine, and college or university teaching, for instance, are areas in which education beyond the baccalaureate level is required. Or if you want to immerse yourself in the study of a particular academic discipline, then advanced studying will probably turn out to be a valuable and satisfying experience.

    For most University graduates, however, the decision to return to school will not be as clear cut. If you're unsure of your career interests, you may regard the campus as a sheltered place in which to "find yourself." While this may be acceptable for undergraduates it can present a real problem at the graduate level, where you are expected to have clearly defined interests leading to an area of specialization.

    So if you still feel you definitely want to go to graduate school, you may use the resources on this page to facilitate your entry into graduate school.




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