Joseph L. Allen, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology
Chair, Department of Physical Sciences

Campus Box 19
Concord University
Athens, West Virginia 24712-1000

401C Science Hall
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Office Hours:
MF 11-1, W 11-12
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Course Information

GEOL 101 Earth Processes, Resources, and the Environment

GEOL 205 Environmental Geology and Geophysics

GEOL 370 Earth Materials and Minerals

GEOL 385 Structural Geology

GEOL 404 Field Geology in the Rockies
*Now planning for Summer 2017*

Research Interests

My research interests are in structural geology and focus on understanding the origin, evolution, and dynamics of seismicity preserved in exhumed basement faults. This is primarily accomplished through integrated field and microstructural study of the products of frictional melting and progressive wear generated by earthquake rupture and interseismic creep. Related interests include coupled basement-cover deformation in multiply reactivated fault zones. Current field research focuses on sites in the Colorado Rockies and western Greenland.

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